Merax 720 CD/DVD Mega Case

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Merax 720 CD/DVD Mega Case


Merax 720 CD/DVD Mega Case





Box Dimensions:

25.25” x 14.25” x 8.50”

Package Weight:

12.75 lbs

Tough, lightweight CD/DVD case with handles and locks. It comes with 360 hanging CD holders which hold 2 discseach. Each sleeve is also individually numbered, making your discs easy to find. This case is ideal for DJ's or for DVDpresentations. It can be used to transport any type of CD or DVD media safely and securely.


  • The 720 CD/DVD Carrying Case comes with 4 compartments wide and has a strong metallic finish, featuring strong
  • plastic indexed sleeves.
  • Hard plastic cover with aluminum edge
  • Contains 360 CD sleeves (Plastic)
  • Holds up to 720 CDs and DVDs
  • Dimensions: 23 ½"L x 12½"W x 7 ¾"H
  • Includes

  • 1 Aluminum 720 CD/DVD Mega Case
  • 360 Dual-Sided Self-Clean Disc Sleeves
  • 2 Keys