Merax Uni-Kit Inkjet Refill Kit,Color


Merax Uni-Kit Inkjet Refill Kit,Color


Merax Uni-Kit Inkjet Refill Kit,Color





Box Dimensions:

5.4" x 2 " x 6.1 "

Package Weight:

0.90 lbs

Premium Quality Inks
Better ink.  Better quality. 
Colors print brighter and more vivid, blacks are deeper and richer.
Saving you money, time after time. Durafirm inks last 3 times
longer (Archival quality) than regular inks.

What’s inside:

Included in the kit:
• 1 Cyan bottle (32ml)
• 1 Magenta bottle (32ml)
• 1 Yellow bottle (32ml)
• 1 Specialized printer head cleaner
• Tools for refilling cartridges
• Illustrated step-by-step refill instructions on CD
• FREE Bonus software worth over $20 (Adobe Album SE, EZ Label     Xpress Label Design Program, Clip art and images, Cool Fonts)

Inks are formulated in the USA to the highest specifications and allow you to refill your cartridges up to 6 times.

CD includes:
Adobe Album SE
Freely explore the basic features of Photoshop Album 2.0. Photoshop Album 2.0
Starter Edition makes it easy to find, fix, and share your digital photos.
Organize your digital photos in a snap. Instantly fix photo flaws in just a
click or two. Easily share your memories in a slide show with captions, or
e-mail individual photos to family and friends.
EZ Label Xpress Label Design Program
Clip Art & Images
Cool Fonts

This All-Brand refill kit will allow you to refill ANY COLOR inkjet cartridge.  Guaranteed.
Below is just a sample of cartridges that can be refilled.

This refill kit will refill only COLOR cartridges.

HP / Apollo

51625A, 51626A, 51626G, 51629A, 51629G, 51633M, 51640A, 51640C, 51640M, 51640Y, 51641A, 51644C, 51644M, 51644Y, 51645A, 51645G, 51649A,
51649G, 51649N, C1806A, C1807A, C1808A, C1809A, C1816A, C1823A, C1823D, C1823G, C3844A, C3845A, C4810A, C4811A, C4812A, C4813A, C4836A,
C4837A, C3838A, C4841A, C4842A, C4843A, C4844A, C4913A, C5010A, C5011A, C5016A, C5017A, C5018A, C5019A, C5020A, C5021A, C6578AN, C6578D,
C6578DN, C6614AN, C6615D, C6615DN, C6625AN, C6628AN, C6634A, C6635A, C6656A, C6657A, C6658A, C8727, C8728, HP51604A, HP92261A, C9359A,
C8767W, C8766W, C8765W, C9368AN, C9369W, C9363W, C3844A, C3845A, C6656A (HP 56), C6657 (HP 57), C6658 (HP 58), C8727 (HP 27), HP C8728 (HP 28), HP C8767 (HP 96), C8766 (HP 95), C8765 (HP 94), C9368 (HP 10) and more...


S020025, S020034, S020036, S020047, S020049, S020062, S020089, S020093, S020097, S020108, S020110, S020118, S020122, S020130, S020138 , S020142, S020147, S020187, S020189, S020191, S020193, T001011, T003, T003011, T003011, T003012, T005, T005011, T005011, T007*, TO17201*, T008*, T008201*, T009*, T009201*, T013, T014, T015*, T016*, T016201*, T017*, T018*, T019, T020, T026*, T027*, T028*, T029*, T0321*, T0322*, T0323*, T0324*, T0331*, T033120*, T0332*, T033220*, T0333*, T033320*, T0334*, T033420*, T0335*, T033520*, T0336*, T033620*, T0341*, T03420*, T033520*, T033620,* TO343*, T0344*, T0345*, T0346*, T0347*, T0348*, T036*, T037*, T038*, T039*, T040*, T041*, T0421*, T0422*, T0423*, T0424*, T043120,* T032220*, T032320*, T032420*, T044120,* T042220*, T044220,* T042320*, T044320*, T042420*, T044420*, T048120*, T048220*, T048320*, T048420*, T048520*, T048620*, T049*, T0492*, T0493*, T0494*, T0495*, T0496,* T0431, T0441-T0444, T0481-T0486, T5431-T5438, T0540-T0549, T5441-T5447, Picture Mate T557 and more... * Cartridges marked with an asterisk have an "Epson smart chip" that needs to be reset with our Uni-Kit Epson Resetter (sold separately).

Lexmark / Compaq / Kodak / IBM / Sharp / Dell

10N0016, 10N0026, 10N0217, 10N0227, 12A1970, 12A1975, 12A1980, 12A1985, 12A1990, 15M0120, 15M0125, 15M0360, 15M0370, 15M0380, 15M2971, 16G0055, 16G0065, 17G0050, 17G0060, 13400HC, 13619HC, 13620HC, 18L0032, 18L0042, 1361400, 1361760, 1380619, 1380620, 1380490, 1380491, 1380492, 1380493, 1382050, 1382060, 18L0000, 18L0032, 18L0042, 180845-001, 180846-001, 337709-001, 337710-001, 337711-001, 337714-001, 337715-001, 180844-001, 180847-001, 180848-001, 18C0031, 18C0032, 18C0033, 18C0034, 18C0035
Sharp AJ-C50B, C50C, LJ50X-AB, LJ50X-AC,Sharp UX-22BC, UX-27CC, Sharp UX-C70B / FO-C60B, Kodak CAT 195, 1730 and Kodak and CAT 175 4852, Dell 7Y743, 7Y745, T0529, T0530, T0601, T0602 and more...

Canon / Apple

BC-01, BC-02, BC-05, BC-06, BC-20, BC-22, BC-23, BCI-15, BCI-20, BCI-21 & 24 Black, BCI-21 & 24 Color, BCI-22, BCI-23, BCI-3Bk, BCI-3C, BCI-3M, BCI-3Y, BCI-3eBk, BCI-3eC, BCI-3eM, BCI-3eY, BCI-3PBk, BCI-3PC, BCI-3PM, BCI-5Bk, BCI-5C, BCI-5M, BCI-5Y, BCI-5PC, BCI-5PM, BCI-5PY, BCI-6 series, BCI-6e series, BCI-8Bk, BCI-8C, BCI-8M, BCI-8Y, BCI-8PBk, BCI-8PC, BCI-8PM, BCI-8PY, BCI-60, BCI-61, BCI-62, BJI-201BK HC, BJI-201, BJI-201BK, BJI-201C, BJI-201M, BJI-201Y, BX-02, BX-03, BCI-15 BK, BCI-15C and more...

Xerox / Primera

8R12591, 8R12728, 8R7660, 8R7661, 8R7662, 8R7663, 8R7638, 8R7880, 8R7881,
8R7882, 8R7903, 8R7904, 8R7971, 8R7972, 8R7973, 8R7974 and more...


IN-700, IN-710C, LC01BK, LC01C, LC01M, LC01Y, LC02BK, LC02C, LC02M, LC02Y, LC03BC, LC03MY, LC04BK, LC04C, LC04M, LC04Y, LC11BK, LC11CL, LC21BK, LC21C, LC21M, LC21Y, LC25BK, LC25C, LC25M, LC25Y, LC31BK, LC31C, LC31M, LC31y, LC-04, LC-25, LC-31, LC-41 Brother IN60 and more...

Digital / Okidata

LJ50X-AK, 52109301, 52109302, 52110001 52110002, 52110003, 52110004, 053304, 053305, 053318, 053319, 053321, 53330, 53331, 769-0, and more...

Note: Some cartridges that are designated "photo cartridges" may require photo inks (photo magenta and photo cyan inks).
For these cartridges you may also need the Meritline Uni-Kit Photo Pack (sold separately).