This is the latest 2015 Full Body vibration plate machine. It comes with a massive 2000W eco silent drive motor and 160 speed levels, giving you a great range and powerful workout. 
This is a very powerful machine and much better than the cheaper knock off available on amazon. We have been selling these for years and specialise in them.
The reason why our price is cheaper than the other sellers isn't because the quality is low, it is because our supplier give us a Purchase discount and we both want to push our vibration plate machine to the world. you can trust us and won't regret if you buy from us!!!
❤ What's the benefits ❤
>Improves muscle strength
>Increase Metabolism
>Improves Circulation
>Reduces Thread Veins
>Lower stress levels 
>Boosts Body's natural collagen
>Improves appearance of skin
>Improves body density
>Improves balance and co-ordination
>Improves flexibility
>Fewer varicose vein  
3 Different Preset Programmes
Variants Of Speed Range and Strong Massage Vibration
Easy-to-operate console with window display screens.
Current overload protection
Disturbance and static electricity resistance.
Fitted with yoga straps to enhance its potential for improving the upper body and arms
Retractable foot can be used to adjust the machine height and then keep it balanced.
Max Power: 1.5HP
Input voltage: 110V / 60Hz
Input Power: 2000 W 
Speed Range: 1-50
Amplitude: 0-13 MM 
User Weight Capability: 300LBS
3 LED windows for program,time and speed 
3 Different Preset Programmes 
Dimensions: 27.5" L x 31.5" W x 48" H
1. Press the start/stop button to star the VM 
2. Operate the button as illustrates 
3. If you stand on the VM, we advise you to move your feet outward a little as the   distance between your feet is relevant to the affect of use. 
4. For other positions, we advise you to activate the VM first as you may find it difficult to press the start button 
5. Do not use the VM for more than 15/20 minutes per session 
1. Tighten all the screws of the VM every two months 
2. Keep fire and liquid away from the VM 
3. Clean the VM with a soft cloth after use. 
4. Pull out plug when the VM is off.