Merax Floor Chair Lazy Man Sofa Chair Home Essential Lovers Folding Sofa Chair (Brown)



❤Production Description: 

Pull up a 5-Position Floor Chair and make yourself comfortable. It's the anywhere chair that provides great support for reading, watching TV or playing games. This portable chair also comes in handy for extra guests or when you go camping. The easily adjustable back offers 5 comfy positions from flat to upright, and you can stack your 5-Position Floor Chairs for convenient storage. The 5-Position Floor Chair has a sturdy metal frame surrounded by foam padding.
TIP: to adjust the chair back from a semi-reclined position to flat, you must pull the back all the way forward to release the locking mechanism.


1. The Floor Couch is great for family room, dorms, media rooms

2. Protection and support for the spine, neck and waist

3. 5 adjustable joint from flat to 90 degrees to create the optimal slope

4. Made of nylon mesh materials to protect the interior mechanism

5. 39"L * 19.5"W * 3.5" Thick


Material: Mesh
Stuffing: high-density split foam
Dimensions: 39"L * 19.5"W * 3.5" Thick
Weight: 8.8lbs