Merax Flodable Floor Seat Chair Cushion Foldable Sofa Chair (Red)


❤Production Description: 

With a recliner folding floor futon chair, then you'll have comfort and convenience with no compromise. The recliner folding floor futon chair is way more stylish and mature than the bean bag, not to mention comfortable with the thick padding. It allows you to sit on it like a chair, or lay it flat to use as a cushion. The recliner folding floor futon chair has an interior adjustable metal frame that has 5 settings to allow you to adjust the back of the seat. The material of the surface is coral fleece. It is very soft and stretchy, giving you maximum comfort to lounge around on the sofa. These are fantastic to have for young and hip people who live in limited space.

TIP: to adjust the chair back from a semi-reclined position to flat, you must pull the back all the way forward to release the locking mechanism.


1. Great seating for floor activities like games, reading and watching TV

2. Thickly padded and mesh cover for extra comfort

3. Both the backrest and footrest can be adjusted into 5 positions to create the optimal slope

4. Movable armrest

5. A seat to combat the visual boredom that comes with the passing of time


Armrest Size: 13" L X 9" W x 5.5" D
Pillow Size: 17.5"W X 6"D
Bed Size: 66" L X 21" W
Seat Size:38" L X 21" W X 7" D
Back Size: 28" L X 21" W X 7" D